International Conference

Darya Kubareva, Academic discourse in the Internet

The problem: How is academic discourse implemented in the Internet?

The purpose is to organise characteristics of academic discourse in the Internet;

The object: academic discourse in the Internet.

The subject: Means and methods of its implementation.

The sources of information: English blogs and web-pages of researchers.

The hypothesis: Academic discourse evolves in the new environment of use (in the Internet) following existing academic traditions (English and German)


5 thoughts on “Darya Kubareva, Academic discourse in the Internet

  1. As far as I can see the author doesn’t expect to find any differences between oral, written and internet academic discourse. Does the material suggest that scholars’ communication in the internet preserves all the traditional features of discourse in academia? Is it worth studying, then?

    • Thank you for a good question. Actually, the hypothesis needs to be more precise, as the Internet is a specific instrument of communication. It combines oral and written methods of communication and produces new means to express one’s mind. Somehow it also manages to preserve some traditional features. To my way of thinking it is the very object worth studying.

      • So are you going to focus on differences between the internet form and other ways of academic communication (common for different cultures), or cultural differences in scholars’ communication (preserved in the internet discourse)? And there is also a third possibility – that German academic internet communication doen’t differ so much from its other forms as it is the case in English (or vice versa), or it is different in some other ways.

        • That is the point, I am going to see the way academic discourse changes. Moreover it is a complex phenomenon. Such a broad research should give an adequate picture of the influence the Internet does on the academic communication. The comparison of English and German traditions allows not to focus entirely on just the English language, even if it is lingua franca.

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