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Language in the Online and Offline World 4: The Latitude

The 3rd International Conference on Language, Medias and Culture is held in Surabaya, Indonesia from 27th to 28th May 2014.

Today’s world sees how online world influences the way we use language. Development in information technology changes interconnectivity and attitude toward linguistic norms. This situation has sparked interests in exploring language in the new atmosphere.

Responding to such interests, for the fourth time, the English Department of Petra Christian University hold a conference under the theme of Language in the Online and Offline World 4: The Latitude. The objectives of this conference are challenging the ways people teach and study language and re-examining the studies of linguistic trends and practices in a globalized and digitalized world.

This conference is expected to bring together multidisciplinary researches and perspectives on the social, pedagogic aspects and linguistic impacts of the online and offline use of language.

The Keynote Speakers of LOOW 4 are:

Assoc. Prof. Michelle M. Lazar presenting “Critical Discourse Analysis and Gender: Goals and Challenges” and Aylanda Hidayati Dwi Nugroho, Ph.D presenting ‘Indonesia in The Sydney Morning Herald’.

Event website:


One thought on “Language in the Online and Offline World 4: The Latitude

  1. It is extremely important to know what is going on in the world of linguistics. But it would be still more useful if we could know about the upcoming events in advance to be able to answer calls for papers, submit and (hopefully!) publish our contributions in the conference proceedings.

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